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Face Mask

Product Image (Wildcraft W95+)

Wildcraft SUPERMASK W95 Plus Reusable Outdoor Respirator - POPCORN

Price: 100 INR/Piece

FEATURES & BENEFITS: 1. Protection+: Wildcraft proprietary cartridge PM 2.5 protection 2. Comfort+: Superior breathability Easy to talk through Long-hour wearing comfort Design+: Engineered face cover design Available in attractive prints 3. Flexi-fit neck strap for enhanced comfort 4. Easy to wear and handle 5. Wider face coverage for maximum protection 6. Innovative 2-panel design for universal fit 7. Adjustable nose clip for enhanced protection 8. Soft, elastic earloops for extra comfort 9. Minimal eyewear fogging 10. Low heat build-up 11. Accommodates all facial movements 12. Convenient flat-fold design for easy storage 13. Washable and reusable 14. Value for money as this costs less than 7 per use

Product Image (Savlon 95 Masks)

Savlon 95 Masks

Price: 1044 INR/Piece

How to use (Ear-loop): 1) Place mask on face so that it covers your nose and chin the nose clip facing up and outside 2) Pull ear-loops around each ear till the mask feels comfortable on your face 3) With your fingertips at the top of the nose clip, press by sliding down along the shape of your nose bridge For the option to use as head-band (recommended for prolonged periods of usage): 1) Hold mask by the ear loops. Place a loop on one side of the clamp provided 2) Place the loop holder at the back of the head and wear the mask on your face 3) From the other end now mount the loop to the other side of the band that is behind your head SEE FULL USAGE INSTRUCTIONS ON PACK Size of Mask: 15.5 cm x 19 cm